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Cortijo Cornelio

Cortijo Cornelio is a family farm and small industry situated in Southern Andalusia, Spain. We have been fully certified as an organic farm for the last 12 years.

Organic Certification and controls

Cortijo Cornelio is registered as an organic farm and an organic food industry with CAAE, the main organic certification authority in Andalucia (Reg No CAAE:  003546 Code Control  ES-ECO-001-AN). This means that our operations are subject to international standards of control for tracibility of organic products, including routine inspection and analysis.

CAAE - EU certification

Health Certification and controls

Cortijo Cornelio is registered as an organic food industry with the Ministerio de Salud of the Junta de Andalucia (Registro Sanitario RSI:  24.0001398/MA and RSI:  21.0024131/MA). This means that our operations are subject to the strictest standards of control and inspection.

We are tax-registerd in Spain with NIF: X-2515971-R

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