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Eco Packaging

Eco Packaging for an Eco Product

We don't believe in putting excellent, organic products in plastic. Why? Because, we go to enourmous lengths to produce a pure, organic product and it seems absurd to package them in conventional plastic. Firstly, plastic causes enormous environmental damage because it does not decay. Secondly, conventional plastics gradually transfer harmful chemical reagants to food products.

What do we use?

Our glass jars come from Eco-Vidrio, Europe´s largest glass recycling company. Apart from being green (literally), these glass jars are beautiful. Once you haveRecycled glass them, you keep them. They are closed with cork, manufactured in the huge cork forests of central Spain and are a beautiful addition to any kitchen. We produce cellulose refill packs for these jars (which are considerably more economical, of course).

We use compostable cellulose and Oxy-Bio bags for small packing quantities. These can be recycled or composted. Paper, window sacks for larger quantites are made from paper from sustainable forestry sources certfied by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and finally all our labels are printed on unbleached FSC paper.

Other types of packaging include compostable PLA, looks like plastic...... but its actually made from sugarcane and corn waste, it is completely compostabe and carbon neutral.

Teas and Infusions are packed in traditional tea tins (not aluminium!) and can be used for years and years. Again, we have economical (FSC paper) refill bags for these tins. Finally aromatics like Organic lavender are packed in NOP certified, organic cotton sacks.


FSC paper and labelsCompostable