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Thyme 25g pack

Thyme 25g pack
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Model: CO-HER-003-C25
Manufacturer: Cornelio Organics
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Thyme 25g pack - Organic - Certified by CAAE

The pungent aroma and flavour of Thyme has made it a popular herb in Western civilisations for thousands of years. Nowadays it is used in a huge variety of dishes from roasts and stews through to soups and sauces. It goes particularly well with lamb, tomatoes and eggs, and is also great on roasted vegetables. Although Thyme is full of flavour, it does not overpower other flavours and blends well with other herbs and spices. Thyme is a basic ingredient in French, Greek, Italian, Persian, Spanish and Turkish cuisines, and in those derived from them. Use in all cooking where a subtle herb flavour is required. Thyme is a fairly potent seasoning, so begin with just a pinch or two, then add to taste. And add it early on in your cooking, so that the flavor has time to develop and meld with other ingredients.

Ingredients: Dried organic Thyme

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Thyme 25g pack
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