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Myrtle berries 30g pack

Myrtle berries 30g pack
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Model: CO-HER-830-C30
Manufacturer: Cornelio Organics
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Myrtle berries 30g pack - Organic - Certified by CAAE

The common myrtle Myrtus communis, also called true myrtle, is widespread in the Mediterranean region and is commonly cultivated. Mirto is known as one of the most typical drinks of Sardinia and comes in two varieties: "Mirto Rosso" (red) produced by macerating the berries, and "Mirto Bianco" (white) produced from the leaves. It has a long history in herbal medicine and its pleasant aromatic aroma has been employed in treating ailments like sinusitis.

It is also an interesting culinary herb.  In the Middle East the leaves are used fresh in lamb and pork recipes, while the fruits are used as spices. The Old Testament mentions myrtle several times, an indication of its significance for the Middle East peoples.

Uses: Use the crushed dried berries as a pepper-like seasoning, the whole berries can be used in place of Allspice or Juniper. It is a favourite herb with all game and wildfowl. The berries can be used to create an infused alcohol, using vodka for example, steeping the crushed berries in the liquor until it suits your taste

Ingredients: Organic Myrtle Berries




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Myrtle berries 30g pack
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