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Hibiscus Flower Infusion 0.5 Kg

Hibiscus Flower Infusion  0.5 Kg
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Model: CO-TEA-123-P500
Manufacturer: Cornelio Organics
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Hibiscus Flower Infusion 0.5 Kg - Organic - Certified by CAAE

Hibiscus flower tea was the preferred drink of the Pharaohs of the ancient Nile Valley. It was a highly refreshing beverage which used to help them survive in the desert heat. Today, the hibiscus tea is incorporated in many cultures like Mexico, China, India, the Caribbean, the U.S., and Europe. Although it's a native of the warm and tropical climates of Zihuatanejo, Mexico and Marrakech, Morocco, people all over the world consume hibiscus flower tea for it's medicinal benefits in special occasions, and for relaxing and cooling purposes.

Many countries have given this tea a specific name in their own cultures like in the Caribbean, it's called red sorrel, in Mexico agua de Jamaica, in Jamaica sorrel, in Latin America flor de Jamaica, the Middle East countries have named it karkady, and West Africa calls it bissap. To prepare, simply add a pinch to your teapot and add hot water. Traditionally can also be prepared with the addition of a little dried ginger. Serve hot or iced with a sprig of mint.

Ingredients: Organic Hibiscus Flowers

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Hibiscus Flower Infusion  0.5 Kg
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